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New paper of the group is online:

Light-Driven Hydrodefluorination of Electron-Rich Aryl Fluorides by an Anionic Rhodium-Gallium Photoredox Catalyst

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.2022, e202205575





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Welcome to Lu Lab

Inorganic & Organometallic Chemistry

Energy & Catalysis

Environmental & Green Chemistry


The Lu group creates and studies metal-metal bonding between transition metals and between a transition metal and a main group metal. Synergistic combinations of different metals can generate hybrid "metals" that exhibit original properties and/or unique reactivities. We are broadly interested in developing these bimetallic complexes for small-molecule catalysis (e.g., dinitrogen to amine), where using non-precious metals is sensible from economical and sustainability standpoints.

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Prof. Dr. Connie C. Lu


Tel: +49 228 73 5750

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Room: 3.032


Susanne Lonski

Tel: +49 228 73 2859

Fax: +49 228 73 2709

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Room: 3.031


Institut für Anorganische Chemie

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