Fachgruppe Chemie


Fachgruppe Chemie
Institut für Anorganische Chemie


Review articles and book contribution

1. R. Streubel: Transient Nitrilium Phosphanylid Complexes - New Versatile Building Blocks in Phosphorus Chemistry, Top. Curr. Chem. 2002, 223, 91-109.


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9. P. Brehm, A. Frontera, R. Streubel, On metal coordination of neutral open-shell P-ligands focusing on phosphanoxyls, their electron residence and reactivity, Chem. Commun. 2022, 58, 6270-6279. DOI: 10.1039/D2CC01302A

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In 2023


Ass.-Prof. Moumita Majumdar,
(AvH Bessel Awardee 2023)
Indian Institute of ScienceEducation Research (IISER) (Pune/India)

Prof. Arturo Espinosa Ferao,
University of Murcia (Murcia/Spain)

Prof. Antonio Frontera,
(AvH J. C. Mutis Awardee 2023)
Universitat de les Illes Balears (Mallorca, Spain)
(July to December)

Prof. Dr. Takahiro Sasamori,
(AvH Awardee Reinvitation)
University of Tsukuba (Japan)
(July & August)

Prof. R. Boeré,
University of Lethbridge (Lethbridge/Canada)


Prof. Dr. R. Streubel received the Doctor Honoris Causa of the university of Murcia/Spain (May 15, 2023)


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