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Fachgruppe Chemie
Institut für Anorganische Chemie


Review articles and book contribution

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Bonn Chemistry Lectures

Achievements in Molecular Inorganic Chemistry


One-day Symposium, September 11, 2023 in Bonn, Germany

Chair: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. R. Streubel
Venue: Hotel Dorint Venusberg,

8.30-8.45 Opening remarks by Prof. Dr. R. Streubel

8.45-9.25 Prof. of the Practice Dr. A. J. Arduengo III (Georgia Institute of
Technology, USA):

„ReWOOD: Building a Sustainable Chemical Infrastructure“

9.15-9.55 Prof. Dr. N. Tokitoh (Kyoto University/Japan):

„Unusual Heteroatom Exchange of a Germabenzenyl Anion Leading to a Novel
Ge-Transfer Reaction"

Break 9.55-10.15

10.15-10.45 Prof. Dr. T. Sasamori (University of Tsukuba/Japan):

Unique Reactions of Low-coordinate Germanium Compounds”

10.45-11.15 Prof. Dr. H. Helten (University of Würzburg, Germany)

"Macromolecular, Macro- and Polycyclic Organoborane Chemistry: Developing
Sustainable Approaches"

11.15-11.45 Prof. Dr. M. Yamashita (Nagoya University, Japan):

Chemistry of Aluminum-Early Transition Metal Complexes

11.45-12.15 Prof. Dr. A. Frontera (University of the Balearic Islands,

„Supramolecular Assemblies Based on Iodine: Halogen Bonding at Work“

Lunch (12.15-14.15)

14.15-14.45 Prof. Dr. H. Grützmacher (ETH Zürich, Switzerland):

„Lewis-acid promoted additions of PH3 to organic substrates for phosphane
14.45-15.15 Prof. Dr. D. P. Gates (University of British Columbia,

Twists and Turns in Putting P into Polymers”

15.15-15.45 Prof. Dr. J. Protasiewicz (Case Western Reserve University,

„Phuntastic Phosphorus Chemistry“

Break 15.45-16.15

16.15-16.45 Prof. Dr. A. Espinosa Ferao (University of Murcia, Spain):

Noncovalent interactions and ring strain in P-heterocyclic chemistry

16.45-17.15 Prof. Dr. A. Marinetti (Institut de Chimie des Substances
Naturelles, France):

“From phosphinidene complexes and phosphorus heterocycles, in the ‘90s:
where now?”

17.15-17.45 Prof. em. Dr. Dr. h.c. D. Gudat (University of

"New twists in an old tale: recent annotations to the chemistry of classic
phosphorus nucleophiles"

17.45-18.15 Concluding remarks and group photo

Banquet 18.30

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"New Achievements in Molecular Main Group Element Chemistry"

Workshop about the title above hosted by Prof. Dr. R. Streubel

Workshop with contributions from:
Prof. T. Sasamori
Synthesis of ferrocenyl-substituted low-coordinated group-14-element compounds

Prof. M. Yamashita
Chemistry of Reactive Group 13 Element Compounds in Low Oxidation State: Diborane(4) and Al-centered anion

Prof. M. Majumdar
Concepts behind Designing Cationic Ligands using Main-Group Handles

Dr. A. Koner
P-centered reactivities of Phosphaborenes
Prof. D. Scheschkewitz
Diboranes(4) revisited
Prof. D. Gudat
A noble addendum to a base metal: on hydrogenation catalysis with phosphenium complexes


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"Ge(0) compound with ambiphilic reactivity"


Prof. Dr. Georgii Nikonov from Brocks University, St Catherines, Canada will present parts of his research on low valent main group chemistry under the title "Ge(0) compound with ambiphilic reactivity".

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Carbon- and Photo-Copies of Olefins: Overview, Synthesis & Properties of π-Conjugated Materials with P=E Bonds

WORKSHOP 2021 at the University of Bonn, Institute for Inorganic Chemistry, hosted by Prof. R. Streubel


by Prof. John D. Protasiewicz

Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio USA

Wednesday, June 23, 3 pm – 6 pm:

Lecture 1 (2 h): Background of Main Group Compounds with pπ-pπ Bonds to Phosphorus: Carbon Copies of Olefins


Thursday, June 24, 3 pm – 6 pm:

Lecture 2 (2 h): Phospha-Wittig Reagents: Use to Make P=C Bonds and Perspectives as Coordination Complexes of Phosphinidenes

Tutorial 1 (1 h): Synthetic Opportunities for R3P=PR


Friday, June 25, 3 pm – 6 pm:

Lecture 3 (2 h): Luminescent Materials having P=C Bonds: Photo Copies of Olefins

Lab/Experimental Tutorial (1 h): Measuring Luminescence of Organophosphorus Compounds

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New Developments in Molecular Inorganic Chemistry

Workshop about the title above hosted by Prof. Dr. R. Streubel

Schedule (Lectures: 30 plus 10 min and 15 plus 5 discussion)

  • 1.00-1.10 pm Welcome note by Prof. R. Streubel
  •  1.10-1.50 pm Prof. A. Frontera: “ Nucleophilic iodonium interactions (NIIs): a new player in crystal engineering?”
  • 1.50-2.30 pm Dr. P. K. Majhi: “Diverse Chemistry of Heavier Vinylidenes”
  • 2.30-3.10 pm Dr. A. Koner: ''Triel-Pnictogen double bonds (B=P, B=N): synthesis and first insight into their reactivities'''
  • 3.10-3.30 pm T. Kalisch: „Unusual cycloaddition reactions of a thiazole-based 1,4-diphosphinine“
  • 3.30-3.50 pm PhD cand M. Ramachandran: „Using 1,4-diphosphinines to develop molecular batteries“
Break (3.50-4.20 pm)
  • 4.20-4.40 pm PhD cand. P. Brehm: “Phosphanoxyl complexes: electron spin density destribution, structure and reactivity ”
  • 4.40-5.00 pm PhD cand. D. Biskup: “P-Adduct complexes: synthesis and theoretical insights into reaction pathways”
  • 5.00-5.20 pm PhD cand. N. Volk: “Synthesis and reactions of free oxaphosphiranes”
  • 5.20-5.40 pm PhD cand A. Garcia Alacaraz: „Theoretical insights into azadiphosphiridine formation, haptotropic shifts and structures“
  • 5.40-6.20 pm Prof. A. Espinosa Ferao: “Inorganic and diheteroorganic three membered rings - The quest for additive rules in the estimation of ring strain energies”

After 6.30 pm Barbecue

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