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1. 2D self-assembly of "molecular polygons" (BSc or MSc thesis)

In 2011, we have introduced the concept of "molecular polygons", a set of triangles, squares, pentagons and hexagons that are accessible from the same arylene-alkynylene building block. This led us to the description of 2D nanopatterns that form spontaneously when a dilute solution of the compounds is dropped onto a graphite surface. 


2. Criteria for cocrystal formation (BSc or MSc thesis)

Currently we study criteria under which cocrystals at the solid/liquid interface form. The aim is to increase the complexity of the 2D nanopatterns formed. 


Both projects include the scanning tunneling microscopic investgations of arylene-alkynylene macrocycles of defined symmetries and substitutents on graphite at the solid/liquid interface. The work will include computer-based modelling of patterns formed.

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