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Astigmatism-based real-time 3D feedback tracking




Source code for the 3D real-time tracking DLL
(3DTr ackCOR.cpp) and  auxiliary files.

The code was compiled as a DLL with Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2010,
tested under Win 7 [64BIT] and Win XP [32BIT] and
routinely used under Win XP [32BIT].


Jan-Hendrik Spille, Tim Kaminski, Katharina Scherer, Jennifer S. Rinne, Alexander Heckel and Ulrich Kubitscheck. 2014. Direct observation of mobility state transitions in RNA trajectories by sensitive single molecule feedback tracking. Nucleic Acids Research, doi: 10.1093/nar/gku1194


3Dtrack DLL_v1_0.rar









ImageJ plugins

Ribosomal Export
analysis package

Collection of ImageJ plugins and macros providing a complete evaluation pipeline to analyse single-molecule data of ribosomal export according to Ruland et al., 2021. Including description of the evaluation pipeline, instruction for data handling and example data sets.



Kymograph analysis








Plugins for identifying the nuclear envelope (Gauss_Profiler),

 creating the respective kymographs (Kymograph_mt2)

 and read out the dwell times from kymograph stacks (Kymo_Reader).

 (Tested with ImageJ 1.45q under Win7 [64BIT])


Siebrasse. J.P., T.Kaminski and U.Kubitscheck. 2012. Nuclear export of single  native mRNA molecules observed by light sheet fluorescence microscopy. 
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 109: 9426-31















Plugin for batch conversion of Andor SOLIS SIF files.

Allows splitting of the movies in substacks and offers several filtering options (e.g. Laplace, median and minimum substraction). SIF file import is modified from the Open_SIFkai plugin and will work with SOLIS version 4.15 and earlier. Additional SIF infos (e.g. exposure time, EM Gain level, binning) are stored as text file. Filter and split options work also with TIFF input . Please note that Laplace filtering requires the FeatureJ plugin.