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Time line

The B. Sc. programme in Chemistry comprises six terms with 180 credit points (CP). The programme is consecutive, that means after successive gathering of all credit points the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the University of Bonn will cap the academic degree Bachelor of Science Chemistry.

The first five terms of the programme serve the acquisition of solid theoretical foundations and practical skills concerning the core subjects Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry and Physical and Theoretical Chemistry (39 CP each). Furthermore, modules of the minor subjects Mathematics, Physics, Toxicology and Law have to be passed (27 CP).

Two compulsory modules (6 CP each) have to be chosen besides the "chemistry modules" of the fifth and sixth term. These modules may be "non-chemical".

In the sixth term the students decide on the main focus of their education with the choice of one chemical compulsory module (out of seven, 12 CP, first half of term) and the usually subsequent bachelor work (12 CP, second half of term).

The final score is calculated as the average of the individual marks of the modules and the bachelor work weighted by the appropriate credit points.


Further details about the course of studies can be downloaded here (Pdf) .


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