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Monika Klein
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Time Line


The M.Sc. programme comprises 4 semesters (120 credit points) and is taught completely in English. The programme is organised in a consecutive manner meaning that all students who have gained all the credit points will obtain a Master of Science degree in Chemistry from the Faculty of Maths and Science of the University of Bonn. The overall grade of the M.Sc. degree will then be calculated as the weighted average of the all the marks received for the successfully finished modules and the master thesis.


1st Semester

All students will have the same courses in the first semester. It comprises 4 mandatory modules in Inorganic, Organic, Physical, and Theoretical Chemistry.

2nd Semester

The second semester comprises one mandatory module in Inorganic Chemistry (10 credit points) and two elective modules (10 credit points each).

3rd Semester

In the third semester the students have to choose two elective modules (10 credit points each). In addition they have to choose a practical course (10 credit points) to deepen their practical and theoretical skills in a subject they want to focus on. Usually, this course is meant as a kind of preparation for the following work on the Master thesis.

4th Semester

The fourth semester is completely reserved to work on the Master thesis (30 credit points).


Further details:

When starting the Master's programme in the winter semester, the module MCh 1.1 "Advanced Inorganic Molecular and Solid State Chemistry" is completed in the 1st semester, the module MCh 2 "Analytical Methods for Condensed Matter" in the 2nd semester. If the study programme is started in the summer semester, it is the other way round.

The four elective modules during the second and third semester can be chosen from a total of 16 different modules offered (as of WS20/21).

A schematic overview of the study programme can be found in here (start of study in the winter semester) or here (start of study in the summer semester).

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